Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two Very Different Quiz Shows

As promised, this post includes Millionaire results as well as a totally unrelated piece of game show news. Here are the results from night nine:

Contestant 1 - Leslie Salyer
Miss $16,000 question, win $1,000

Contestant 2 - Richard Mason
Miss $50,000 question, win $25,000

Contestant 3 - Donald Leake
Miss $8,000 question, win $1,000

Contestant 4 - Chris Maglowski
Answers $1,000 question, rollover

Celebrity - Snoop Dogg
Correct Answer

Now, a completely unrelated piece of game show news: the upcoming season of BBC Radio 4's Brain Of Britain will most likely not be hosted by Robert Robinson.

Brain Of Britain is one of the UK's longest running game shows, having been on since 1954. Original host Franklin Engelmann died in 1972 and was replaced by Robert Robinson, who has done the show ever since - more or less. He's in his eighties now, and not being in excellent health, has missed not just a few episodes, but two entire seasons. The first time this happened, in 2004, Russell Davies hosted the season; in 2007, Peter Snow hosted. It now appears that Russell will come back for the 2009 run.

This isn't 100% confirmed yet; when (and if) it is, I'm guessing the BBC will insist it's a temporary arrangement. Is that really a good thing? The show's production team is based in Manchester, and would like to tape the show there, but frequently move tapings to London for the sole purpose of making it easier on Robert. If it's that hard for him, maybe it's time for new blood. Frankly, I think a new host would provide a much-needed breath of fresh air for a show that I think is a little bit boring.

Brain Of Britain airs in BBC Radio 4's Monday afternoon quiz show slot, which is currently occupied by Round Britain Quiz. By my estimate (based on the season length for each show), Round Britain Quiz will end its season on October 5 and Brain Of Britain will start on October 12. I suppose we'll find out then who's hosting - and after the season ends (by my estimate, on February 1, 2010), have to wait until October 25, 2010 (again, this is all an estimate) to see if it's a permanent arrangement.

See you...well, read my next post.


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