Sunday, August 16, 2009

Highs And Lows

Here are the results from night six:

Contestant 1 - Eddie Lawhorn
Quit on $100,000 question, win $50,000

Contestant 2 - Rebecca Kesler
Quit on $100,000 question, win $50,000

Contestant 3 - Ellen Gaines
Miss $1,000 question, win nothing

Contestant 4 - Leah Asbury
Answers $2,000 question, rollover

Celebrity - Rachael Ray
Correct Answer

A few notes on the show:
  • The video link (sponsored by Skype) with the night's expert (Connie Chung) wasn't working, forcing the show to reach her by phone (sponsored by AT&T). Considering that this isn't a live show, you think they would have fixed it...let's hope it's working on tomorrow's show.
  • The incredibly perky Leah Asbury was told by Regis that she looked like "a young Peter Potter." Leah, the audience, and everyone else was like "huh?" Regis then corrected himself; he meant Harry Potter. OK.
  • ABC continues to heavily promote Shark Tank. I should explain that the "special preview" of Shark Tank on night one was within a commercial break and probably doesn't count. Night six's "special preview," on the other hand, was within the show and mentioned by Regis. Not only that, but two of the Sharks, Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec, were in the audience. They told Regis something like "Like you, we're trying to make people rich; unlike you, we're putting our own money into it." I should note that both Kevin and Robert also appear on Dragon's Den, the Canadian version of the format originally known in Japan as Money Tigers. I'm sure there's some sort of joke here about sharks, dragons, and tigers, but I can't think of it.

More Millionaire Tomorrow,



  1. I missed the question Ellen Gaines missed. Can you fill me in on what the $1000 question was, Aaron?
    Thanks! Eric Roberts

  2. Sure! Here's the question.

    In a New York Times Election Day crossword puzzle, which of these answers had the clue "Blue State" and not "Red State"?

    A. Melancholy
    B. Communism
    C. Outrage
    D. Insolvency

    The answer was A. Ellen said B.