Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Starting To Exhaust What I Can Say About Millionaire

Here are the results from night seven:

Contestant 1 - Leah Asbury
Quit on $100,000 question, win $50,000

Contestant 2 - Lee-Ann Whitlock
Miss $25,000 question, win $1,000

Contestant 3 - Jennifer Kiesel
Answers $8,000 question, rollover

Celebrity - Patricia Heaton
Correct Answer - after many, many hints from Regis

A few observations:
  • The video link with the expert (which, just in case you forgot, is sponsored by Skype) was working again - but considering that the expert was Jodi Picoult, this wasn't much help
  • I had no idea who Patricia Heaton was until ABC showed a commercial for their upcoming sitcom The Middle, in which she stars. Nice job.
  • I may possibly give other news and reviews in the same post as Millionaire results for the last four nights.

See you tomorrow,


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