Monday, August 10, 2009

Robby Roseman Is Now A Professional Poker Player

Robby, for the record, was the first Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestant to miss the $100 question, and he was in the audience for night two. Here are the results:

Contestant 1 - Gary Cousins
Quit on $8,000 question; win $4,000

Contestant 2 - Michelle Ribeiro
Quit on $25,000 question; win $16,000

Contestant 3 - John Zimcosky
Answers $25,000 question; rollover

Celebrity - Vanessa Williams
Correct answer - after many, many hints from Regis

It's becoming more and more clear that the clock is a terrible idea, something only made worse by the fact that the celebrity doesn't have one. Vanessa, who's not even keeping the money, can (and does) spend ten minutes on one question. Michelle, who is keeping the money, runs out of time in the middle of saying her answer to the $100 question; she is allowed to continue. I think it's pretty clear that the real motivation was reducing what they have to give away.

One thing I didn't mention yesterday (August 9) - the show also featured a "special preview" of the new show Shark Tank. Originally a Japanese format, Shark Tank, from what I've heard, falls somewhere in between reality show, reality-competition show, and game show. The "sharks" are five wealthy business experts; the contestants (participants?) are entrepreneurs. They enter the shark tank, pitch their business idea, and the sharks either invest their own money or don't. That's it. I didn't bother to watch. Somehow, seeing five rich people with huge egos make fun of people's business ideas, however bad, doesn't appeal to me.

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