Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Real Reason Nobody Will Win

Here are the results from night three:

Contestant 1 - John Zimcosky
Miss $50,000 question, win $25,000

Contestant 2 - Brian Slope
Quit on $100,000 question, win $50,000

Contestant 3 - Anthony Sloan
Answers $16,000 question, rollover

Celebrity - Sherri Shepard
Correct Answer

Something I've known for a long time is becoming more and more clear - Ask The Audience is the only useful lifeline. All right, maybe Double Dip, but Ask The Expert usually ends up connecting you to an idiot celebrity and Phone A Friend...well, given how stupid most of these contestants are, can you imagine their friends? If the show just gave up on the other three lifelines and let you Ask The Audience four times, contestants might have a chance at reaching a six-digit number. As it stands, however, contestants usually use Ask The Audience on the $4,000 question - and then what happens on the $8,000 question? There are thirty seconds on the clock. Regis takes five of them reading the choices. The contestant then spends ten seconds joking with Regis, ten more thinking silently, uses one of the other (worthless) lifelines, and finally loses with three seconds left. Is that seriously what we want?

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