Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Millionaire!

So I've seen the new season of Millionaire now. No sign of a new money ladder yet, but we're only on the fourth contestant. I'll probably just keep watching until we get to contestant ten.

Then, of course, we reach November's "Tournament Of Ten," which Meredith mentioned almost instantly. It will, it seems, involve the ten players who won the most money from September 7 until November 6. Meredith states that it will guarantee a $1,000,000 payoff to the winner - well, according to what I read (and a disclaimer in the credits), it is not guaranteed, just much more likely. Perhaps even worse is a leaderboard prominently displayed at the end of each episode, making it sound like this tournament is the only way you can win $1,000,000.

In short, this show is getting desperate.


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