Friday, September 4, 2009

A Few More Days...

A few notes on the upcoming season:

  • I will indeed have to wait until September 8 to see the new season of Family Feud, as my local station (an NBC station) is showing PGA Tour golf.
  • Millionaire apparently is making some changes for the new season, in addition to the November tournament of champions. If you don't remember, the first nine contestants on the new season will be the nine contestants who didn't make the hot seat on primetime night eleven. Well, apparently after all nine of those contestants have played, a new money ladder will be introduced with the tenth contestant. Most of the questions will actually have their values increased; the first question will be worth $500. I would start watching on Labor Day to figure this out, but my local station (an ABC station) will be showing the Jerry Lewis telethon.
  • In short, Tuesday is going to be an even bigger day for me than Labor Day.

    See you soon,


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